The Most Popular Bats | 2017 BBCOR and Youth Breakdowns

Most Popular Bats

The most popular bats can be measured in a few ways. We take on all of those below. First we go by data we find on the largest review sties. Second, we use google search analytics to see who is searching for what and where. Third, we speak with major vendors to decide what bats they think are the most popular. Our intent is to update this frequently.


Most Popular Baseball Bat

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Collegiate Baseball: DeMarini Voodoo

Most Popular Baseball Bats

Many collegiate teams—especially good ones—have their bat brand determined for them. Meaning, a particular brand has an agreement with a college. As such, players on that team must swing bats from that brand. These bat suppliers often fork over a ton of money to keep their brand in the hands of the best teams.

To that end, determining the most popular baseball bat for collegiate players is as simple as learning what bat brand has the most contracts. Then, we can see what bat within that brand is more preferred by collegiate players. Turns out, such an approach is pretty simple: DeMarini has the most collegiate bat contracts. As such, they are the most popular bat at that level of play. Within the DeMarini brand the most popular bat is the DeMarini Voodoo.

Most Popular Bats

The stronger the hitter the more they tend to prefer aluminum bats. Stronger players prefer bats with an end load—which is exactly what the Voodoo has. Second, the DeMarini Voodoo uses an aluminum barrel for hot out of the wrapper performance. There is no work for the Voodoo, and other aluminum barrels, like there is for composite bats.

Collegiate Fastpitch: Louisville Slugger’s XENO

Most Popular Bat Brands

The most popular fastpitch bat at the collegiate level is a tough one to narrow down. But, in the end, we see the Slugger XENO at the plate more often than others. I am sure DeMarini’s CF9 insane as well as Slugger’s LXT each feel differently. But, the XENO is made for heavy hitters and big bat speed. It is helpful, too, the Xeno comes in enough sizes to satisfy even range in the best of hitters.

Most Popular Bats

Highschool Baseball: Easton MAKO BBCOR Beast

Most Popular Bats

The most popular high school bat is the Easton MAKO. By several estimates, search interest in the Easton MAKO drawfs that of other brands. Although, we should note, the CF Zen and Marucci CAT 7 are the closest. We should note that we are not suggesting this should be the case.

Such a choice isn’t ultimately surprising considering high school players tend to prefer lighter swinging bats. They also have the time to work in a bat’s composite barrel. The huge barrel on the MAKO gives them as much chance as possible to square up a ball. As well, Easton’s distribution and branding is top notch. And the effects of that in terms of popularity is not lost on us.

Most Popular Bats

We are cheating here. The Rawlings VELO is such a wildly popular bat in some areas of the country we would be dumb not to add it right here. It has a considerably different makeup the Mako. Instead of a two piece composite with wood like sound the Rawlings VELO is a single piece hybrid with the loudest ping you ever heard. Still, high school players love the light swing of this flat out beautiful stick and few there be that have anything bad to say about the VELO.

High School Fastpitch: DeMarini CF9 Balanced

Most Popular Bats

DeMarini’s CF9 balanced drop 10 is the most popular highschool fastpitch bat. Of course, the real data on this is sparse so we used a lot of guesswork to come to this conclusion. But, in the end, the traffic on review sites as well as ranks of best selling bats made and google analytics made it a clear winner. Not surprising either. The CF9 Balanced is a big barreled bat made with a massive sweet spot and very ligth swing weight. It is consistently one of the most popular bats on the market ever since it was the CF7. The CFX series of DeMarini fastpitch bats, we suspect, will follow suit too.

Travel Baseball: DeMarini CF ZEN

Most Popular Bats

Despite the fact that a few versions of the CF ZEN were outlawed by the USSSA for being too hot, the CF Zen is the most popular bat for travel baseball. Not only does it get the most searches of any in that class, but it also finds itself on the top of many best big barrel bats lists. In fact, rarely have we ever seen a bat more hyped than the 2017 DeMarini CF Zen.

It helps, too, the CF Zen for travel ball comes in a number of sizes. The 2 5/8 version has a drop 5, drop 8 and drop 10 while the 2 3/4 version comes in a JBB drop 11 and Big Barrel drop 10. The long list of sizes make the likelihood of one being in your size very good.

Little League Youth Barrels: Easton MAKO Beast

Most popular bats

The most obvious winner on this most popular bats lists is the Easton Mako beast on the youth barrel leagues. The bat dominates the 2 1/4 space and has ever since the famed orange MAKO from 2014. We have no question these bats will be the most popular and best for as long as the 1.15 2 1/4 BPF standard stays in play. Which, mind you, is just until January 1st 2018 when the Little League board changes the standard for 2 1/4 baseball bat leagues.

Youth Fastpitch: DeMarini CF9 Drop 11

Most Popular Bats

As the ligthest swinging fastpitch bat on the market, it is no surprise that the drop 11 CF9 is the most popular fastpitch bat among smaller hitters. Although we ere a bit in lumping together both the Highschool and youth players, the bat still serves both markets well who are looking for contact and pitch speed.

There are several very good fastpitch bats. And, in the youth and highschool market, any number of bats could very well be the most popular. The Slugger Hyper LXT in a drop 11 is a fantastic bat. But, in the end, we were forced to choose something. And the CF9 Drop 11 from DeMarini is as good a choice as any.

USSSA Slowpitch Softball: Miken DC-31

The most popular bat in the USSSA slowpitch space is the 2017 Miken DC-31. It follows that it is also the most popular. Although Easton, DeMarini and Slugger run some pretty popular slowpitch bats, no one quite beats the Miken DC-31. This two piece monster is meant to crush balls right out of the wrapper. We dare say the DC-31 dominates the USSSA space as well as the Easton MAKO Beast dominates the youth barrel space.

ASA Slowpitch Softball: Miken Freak Platinum

Most Popular Bats

The DC-31’s twin, the Miken Freak Platinum, is a bomb making fool of a bat found only in ASA space. Although this niche of the market is replete with serious bats and all types of players love them dearly, we think the Miken Freak Platinum is the most popular. It is if we take lists of the most sold bat on Amazon and into account.

Search Traffic for the Most Popular Bats

Another interesting way to measure brand popularity is to divide the information by state. We took way too much time making a few images for your viewing pleasure. Below, you will find a few interesting ways to look at bat brand popularity among states. You will find that bats popular vary by state.

Most Popular Bats

Most Popular Bats

There could be several comments on these charts, but we will save you from those. With the exception of one: more regional bat companies fair better by their headquarters. Dirty South, based out of Atlanta, Georgia has found more interest in their home state then the entire state of California. And, it would appear, not a single soul in Vermont, Montana or the Dakotas has yet to hear of the bat. Anderson bats, on the other hand, has at least a couple fans in those states. But its stronghold is so firmly rooted in California insomuch you’d think the company was based there. Turns out, it is. Rude American Bats does well in Nevada relative to other search densities. They are based in Las Vegas. Yet no one in Wyoming has yet to be interested enough to search for it on Google.

Fastpitch popular vs Women’s Soccer

soccer vs Fastpitch image

As we found ourselves finding search data on a number of different baseball and fastpitch related items, one stood out to us. That was the search volume comparison between fastpitch and women’s soccer. Mind you, this does not show the interest volume compared to each other. Rather, it shows the search intensity across the country. We are not up for preparing many comments on the differences in the maps but thought it interesting enough to publish it somewhere.